pillow talk.

When Nick and I got our King Bed (which is major dot com) we had to do some furniture rearranging.  For now the futon resides in the living room.  And while the pillows we got our first married summer were fine in the office, they are not fine in the living room.  Enter fabric.com 5 dollar fabric.  I’ve had it for weeks, but yesterday finally mustered the energy to sew the two squares together.  It’s amazing how content some pillow fabric can make me.  I still have more, who knows what I might do?!

Before.  Red, pilly stripes.  I hate red.  Why did I choose it as an accent color?


After.  Starfishy goodness.




The cat always -=hel=-==]-[5ypu’ytr0y’ptrrt’ptttptprptrtrprtp’jkhpjkgpkjpg’kg’np87gkp’n7knpjgpggggggg777p’p’tipippipipiptipipp'[

And that my friends is what happens when you blog when the baby is awake.

What I mean to say is: The cat always helps me sew, but it doesn’t seem to be helping her be any less fat.

One day I’m going to get back into using our nice fancy camera and not just using blurry iPhone pictures…



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