crazy ramblings of a pregnant woman.

from tumblr

It’s happened.  The crazy has caught up.  I still have two months to go, so this can’t go on until delivery, but this week I’ve been a straight up hot mess.  When Owen poured out a cup of bath water onto the floor I cried.  I CRIED!  Then I had an ice cream cone and watched New Girl and felt a little better.  I see your crazy, hormones, and I raise you some chocolate ice cream.

I also went back and read some of my blog from when I was pregnant with Owen.  In one picture, I am 37 weeks pregnant, but imagine my surprise when I realize I’m wearing the same tank top that barely fits at 32 weeks.  So, I guess it’s legit that people are asking if I’m due any day, because I look five weeks advanced from what I was with Owen.  However, Maisy is low.  Low, low, low, low, low, low, low.  (Boots with the fur)  I’m going to have to crack and get a support band because my pelvic floor is like “Not cool!”


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