If I’m sure of one thing from my teaching career, it is that children loathe crayons and LOVE markers.  They. Love. Them!  So, of course, we adults hate them because trix are for kids.  They make a mess, they go dry, and in general, they do not produce the quality of picture I expect from a 7 year old.

I did not realize that Owen, at 19 months, would feel similarly about the marker, crayon debate.  He loves markers, and eats crayons.


So, Owen loves craft time.  We try to do it once a day, if I’m on my mom “A-Game.”  He took all that out of his craft basket and pushed it on the table after I asked him if he wanted to have craft time.

He gets pretty excited about capping and uncapping markers.  And drawing on his face.  And the table.  And sometimes the coloring page I tape in front of him.
IMG_3492There you have it.  Pure, unadulterated joy having to do with markers, Mickey Mouse coloring books from the Dollar Tree, and the fact that he got to use the glue stick to put those shapes on the paper.


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