Firstly, I would like to say, that I’m 30 weeks pregnant and I’m EXHAUSTED!  I can only hope that the birth of the baby I am currently carrying in my womb will energize me.  I can’t remember Owen’s newborn stage very well, so I’m just kind of riding on the fact that sustaining life outside the uterus is more energizing than within.


I want to tell you all something.  I am obsessed with baskets.  The men at Nick’s work were all talking about their wives and how they love baskets.  What’s not to love about baskets, by the way?

So, I counted all the baskets in my house.  Magazine baskets, blanket baskets, toy baskets, shoe baskets, fruit baskets, shoe polish baskets, key baskets, all the baskets.  I have over 30 baskets.  (Not counting seasonal Christmas and Easter baskets)  There was a time when I accused Nick of stifling my basket love.  I now see that I have had my way.  Perhaps it is time to cool my jets a little on the basket front.


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