spring cleaning.

I’m not sure if it’s spring cleaning or nesting (third trimester y’all!) but for sure I’m getting the urge to purge round here.  After purchasing the King size bed Nick and I had to do some major rearranging.  There’s a lot more furniture with little room to fit it… so naturally I feel that I am in an episode of hoarders.  Which is why I had to organize all the closets.  I did our master closet while Nick was out in Panama.  Then the linen closet, then Owen’s closet, and lastly our office closet.

The only closet I thought to take before and after shots of was the linen closet.


Before.  I remember thinking “It’s not that bad.  Just needs a quick clean up!”  Oh my gosh, seriously, I’m a sheet hoarder.


After.  After getting rid of some Queen sheets to sell at our yard sale, I found a lot more room.

My home girl on iheartorganizing would have made little vinyl labels that say “wash cloth” “Nick’s groddy gym towels” and “sheetz”  and put them in matching Target heirloom baskets.  I, on the other hand, spent $3 at the dollar tree, all on unmatching bins, to achieve my look.

Now for the office closet.  Thank goodness I went through my teaching things.  I found a lot of great organizational tupperware in there.  My greatest achievement is my wrapping paper door holder.  I went on google images with the search “wrapping paper storage” and saw this picture.


Walmart held up their end of the deal by selling a three pack of door organizers.  What will I do with the other two?!  (Probably wait until we move to use them)  Through this process I also found out that the closet door is plastic.  Hmmm.

you should have seen the before. so so so so bad. so bad.

There you have it.  Spring cleaning.  Kaley style.  Next week- The kitchen and entry closet!  Yee haw!

I think I’m cleaning closets to put off all the sewing I have to do now that I know beyond a doubt this baby is a girl…


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