the sugars.

Paula Deen and I have something in common.  We both check our blood sugar levels daily.

The truth is, I failed my one hour glucose test.  (Which screens for gestational diabetes)  When I went back to test for the three hour I knew I was in trouble.  That is to say, I vomited all over the bathroom.  Never fear, I went to see the midwife and she let me get a glucose monitor to check my own sugar instead of retaking the test.  I have to prick my fingers with a loaded needle pen four times a day and test the blood that I squeeze out.  Being diabetic is hard.  I want a DQ Blizzard so very badly.  So far my levels have been normal, so hopefully I’ll be able to stop after the two week test period.  Just so you know, I’ve been pronouncing diabetes as “dia-beetus” this whole time.  I hope you’re with me on that.


For future reference, do not schedule your glucose test for Easter Monday, after you indulged in delicious Easter candy all week.  It just might elevate your levels…


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