Easter.  It’s not about the Easter Bunny.  My favorite Easter memories are saying “Christ is Risen” “He is risen indeed!” at church, and of course singing “Christ Arose” with my mom.  It’s an old school hymn, but I sure have come to love it.  In fact, I’ve been singing it under my breathe for about a week.

Up from the grave he arose!  With a mighty triumph o’er his foes.  He arose a victor of the dark domain and he lives forever with his saints to reign!

An Easter miracle.  Owen and I have been celebrating Christ’s resurrection in all the typical ways.  Decorating and hunting for Easter Eggs.  Oh, and Mickey Mouse.

We started out our festivities by painting the egg carton.  Owen actually liked this.  He even liked putting the paper Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cutouts on it too, but got mad at me when I wouldn’t let him pull them off.

 IMG_3240 IMG_3239 IMG_3230

The next day (because let’s not overwhelm an 18 mo old y’all) we dyed our Easter Eggs.  Our delicate, hard boiled Easter eggs.  Can you hear me cringing?  I went back and forth on whether we would do this or not, but since I found a Mickey Mouse dying kit at good ole Dubya-mart, I decided to go through with it.


Here I’m thinking… “Am I crazy?”

Owen had fun.  He dyed the eggs, and cracked many in the process.

IMG_3253 IMG_3247

Then it came to sticker time.  He was a little more into putting the stickers onto himself.  When I made him put a few on the eggs, he got mad at me.


Quickly I changed tactics.  We decided to put all the eggs into the carton.


That was great for about-say- ten seconds.  Then we quit again.


This was Owen’s Mickey themed Easter basket.  I know, I’m terrible.  And for someone who hates disney characters too.  Proof that you’ll do anything for your offspring.  Then that basket next to it is Nick’s.  Then I got myself a box of Cadbury Eggs because you can’t chance you’ll get Easter candy.  Not when you’re pregnant.  Good thing I bought ’em too.  Sometimes a mom just has to treat herself.


I had picked up some Mickey fabric for Owen to make him a blanket, so I put the finishing touches on that last night.  I think it turned out really cute (for a Mickey Blanket…)

look at that corner. i was proud of it. it’s the little things.


Next we Easter egg hunted at church.  We had practiced the day before with empty eggs.  Owen only got 5 eggs.  Once he shook them and found out they contained jelly beans he had to stop, open it, eat the jelly beans out of it, then go search for more eggs.  I can’t say that I blame him.


  • IMG_3294








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