Nick and I got a new KING SIZE BED.  Nick always wanted a king sized bed.  I didn’t.  I wanted to lay next to him and breath into his ear all night.  Then I had a baby.  Baby filled my touch cup to the hilt.  Then I got pregnant again, and the queen could not handle:  a-my snoring b-the enormous amount of pillows I brought into bed and c-Nick’s body.

Nick was spending a lot of nights on the couch.  So, we took the plunge.  The pillow top plunge.  Twinky loves our new pillow top.  I love our new headboard.  Nick is responsible for 95% of this headboard.  I pinned a lot and brainstormed and bought fabric.  (Can you believe the man let me get taupe floral?  He’s a saint)  Nick measured, cut, sweat, stapled, hammered, and did everything else.  I also held the fabric tight…  I was indispensable really.  We were able to make the headboard for around 100 dollars.  I didn’t feel like doing any math in my brain, so I guesstimated right then.

Now our room is undergoing a bit of a transformation to bring it up to the level of the fab headboard.  I plan on taking pictures with our real camera when it’s all done.  You’ll all be waiting with bated breathe, I know it.

but seriously our wall color is atrocious. what’s a renter gonna do?


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