kim k.

We all have our vices.  I have a Miami vice.  More specifically, a Kourtney and Kim take Miami vice.  The truth is, one of my trash TV indulgences is the Kardashians.  I won’t apologize, they’re entertaining.

Kim K. is preggie.  I get to be pregnant with Princess Kate, Fergie, Kristin Bell, Channing Tatum’s wife… and Kim Kardashian.  Kim is by far my favorite because she’s a giant hot mess.  The tabloids are horrific toward her.  Take this magazine cover.


Nick and I were shopping and when I saw it I stopped dead in my tracks.  “It’s like looking into a mirror!” I said.  Poor Kim.  If Kim wants to… what did they say?  “Binge on waffle cones and french fries” then I say “Get it!”  You know I love me some french fries.  Oh, and come on, hasn’t every pregnant lady had a meltdown over a busted zipper?  Give the lady a break.  I can’t relate to Kim wearing designer maternity clothes, when I cringed ordering 100 dollars of maternity wear off of the ever so fashionable  I think Kim needs to stop trying to wear haute couture during pregnancy or else more pictures like this are going to surface.  whoworeitbetter

Who wore it best?  That’s just common.


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