maisy’s nursery.

I’m not sure why I’m so obsessed with Maisy’s nursery decor.  Could be that she’s a girl, and I’m dying to make a girly room.  Could be that I’ve been sewing for other babies lately and I’ve got baby sewing on the brain.  It’s a bit of a bummer because we are going to PCS (permanent change of station) in August.  Baby is due in late June, so that leaves one or two months that we’ll be in this house.  So we’re not decorating here.  Which, as I said, is a major disappointment, but I will prevail.

So, Owen’s crib bumper is from Pottery Barn Kids.  I wanted a crib from there, but they were too expensive, so Nick and I compromised by just getting a bumper.  This time around while perusing their website, I really liked the “Maya” nursery bedding.


Unfortunately, it’s the organic bedding, so the bumper costs 150 big ones.  I’m set on an aqua and pink theme, so after much inner turmoil I decided to sew my own bumper.  After staying up for two hours past my bedtime going cross eyed on, I found this fabric “Pretty Little Things Trees Blue.”



I kept going back to it, but had to go to another website to purchase it since they were out.


I chose this pink fabric for the inside of the bumper.  It’s a coordinating fabric from the “Pretty Little Things” collection.


Now, this fabric I would love to have to recover the rocker in, but it too is sold out 😦  Why is aqua so in right now?!  Every cute aqua print is sold out!  I found it on Etsy for a dollar higher than, but since I still have four months until Maisy is born, I may hold out hope that it restocks on  Here’s my inspiration picture for the aqua rocker.


I’m hoping to pair the bumper with some pink chevron sheets, maybe aqua too, then I can switch them out.  I’m thinking about making a white dust ruffle.  I’m also hoping to convince Nick that we need to paint the crib and rocker white… using a laminate furniture painting tutorial I found on Pinterest.  Check out our dark mahogany crib and rocker.  Way too manly for a little Maisy girl!

DSCN1411 DSCN1412

And finally, here are some inspiration pictures I’ve pinned to my secret nursery board.

I’m into the ombre dresser look. It would be much pinker, not peachy.
My dad makes every grandkid a bench, I sent him this for inspiration. Cute right? Can’t wait to sew a darling little bench pillow!
Love the bunting. Also love the tissue paper poofs. I’m definitely getting some from Martha Stewart crafts. Instant mobile!




One thought on “maisy’s nursery.

  1. The fabric that you picked is so cute! I really like the dresser too. Maisy is gonna be stylin’. 😉

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