pregnant kaley no speak good.

I thought pregnant brain was pretty bad, or even newborn nursing brain.  Nay, I was wrong.  Pregnant with second baby brain when you have an 18 month old is very bad.  My suspicions were aroused when Nick would tell me I was making no sense, but as he is a man and my husband I didn’t believe him.  “He’s just not listening right!” I thought defiantly.  Then I went to my 21 week appointment with the OB/GYN and she was looking at me like I had a third head while I was asking a question.  “Maybe I”m not making sense…” I thought.

Then I reread some blogs and texts.  Apostrophes were missing or wrong, I had used the wrong there (their, they’re) which I’ve never done, and then your and you’re started to get swapped.  Uh oh.

Then the cute girl across the street came to ask me to buy some candy for a school fundraiser.  Pregnant Kaley said “Yes, yes I want to eat that.”  Well, she asked for my street number.  Great question little girl.  I don’t know my own address right now.  No.  Clue.  I had gotten it all tangled up with my zip code.  She had to go look at my mailbox.

Here’s how my phone call to schedule my next OB/GYN appointment went.

“I need to make my 25 week appointment”

“How many weeks are you?”

“Uhhhhh, I’m not sure.  Wait, let me check the calender”
“That’s okay, when is your due date?”

“August 23”  (that’s Owen’s due date)

“Ok, can you come in next Thursday?”
“Of course! sounds great!”

“You’re due date is August 23?”

“Uh, wait, no, that’s my son’s due date.  This baby is due June 23 or no, wait, June 24”

“Hmm, that’s quite a difference”

I know lady, I get it.  I’m a hot mess.  Is no one else this brain dead coming into the practice?  I can’t be the only pregnant lady who can’t remember… okay, maybe I am.


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