teeny bopper fiction.

I can’t stop reading teen dystopian fiction.  I blame CottageGirl.  She’s the one who gave me The Hunger Games after bible study about four or five years ago.  I don’t know what it is.  I love all of it.

Cheap rip off of mockingjay symbol or the eye of sauron? you choose.

Firstly, Divergent.  It’s about a society that has five sects that each believe one virtue ruined society.  Selfishness, cowardice, ignorance, dishonesty, and violence.  On their 16th birthday they have to choose a sect and they can only see their family one more time.  Throw in some judo chopping, some teen romance ( a lot of hip/small of back touching), and some mind control and I’m hooked.  Also the main character is small.  She’s also skinny, which I can’t relate to, but I can relate to being small.  Then the sequel, Insurgent, came out and that book is even better than the first.  I’m biting my nails waiting for the third book to come out.


Next-ly we have Matched.  This is like if you took out all the violence of the Hunger Games and all you had left was a love triangle.  I read it in a couple of hours.  I couldn’t help myself.  Girlfriend gets matched on her 17th birthday.  It’s her BFF!  OMG!  But another face flashes across the scene!  Then her grandpa tells her to question authority right before he dies, like everyone does, on his 80th b-day.  A utopian society gone wrong.  A love triangle.  I’m trying not to log on to Amazon right now and order the next two books in the series.  You would like this book if you think you would be into a Nicholas Sparks/Hunger Games novel.  Well, the society has eliminated cancer, so it’s not totally Nicholas Sparks, but someone does die.

Oh, and even though these are teen fiction, there’s no sex.  Just looking.  And longing.  And a few kisses.  It passes the prude test for me!!


2 thoughts on “teeny bopper fiction.

  1. If you like all of those (I read ALL of them too!), you will like The Uglies series too. If I remember any more, I will pass them your way. I also enjoyed ones for early middle schoolers…the Shadow Children series. I think the first one is called Among the Hidden. You can read each one in an hour or two…they are super short!

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