what’s in a name?

Week 20 is going pretty decent.  Well, I do feel like I’m living in a glass case of emotion.  It’s like someone abducted me and put me into a Lifetime movie.


Moving on.

Naming your second child is far harder than naming the first.  The names have to “go” together.  You have more friends with kids who all have names.  So thoughtless of them.  I went on Nymbler which allows you to generate a name list based on the names you select.  Owen generated a lot of weird Celtic names because he’s Welsh, like Ffion and Saoirse (I have no idea how that’s pronounced.  seahorse?)  Then I stumbled across this list of Hipster baby names.  I was tempted to name our daughter Tallulah Clementine, but the urge passed in time.

So, if it’s a girl, Nick and I have decided to name her Maisy Jo.  Maisy pronounced like Daisy.  Jo is my mom’s middle name.  It’s a little bit West Virginia and I like that.  That and I really, really love my mom.  She is kind and gentle and I hope that I can be that way for Owen and Maisy too.  There is a chance that Maisy is a boy.  Don’t worry, I have a back up brother name just in case, that one I’m not sharing on the interwebs though.  BUT Maisy can’t be a boy because I’ve already bought her many outfits.

I was reluctant to put out Maisy’s name because it’s unusual, and I’m afraid that most of you will hate it.  A wise friend told me that we don’t name our children for other people.  She’s right.  I hope if you hate it you’re changing your mind because of the guilt I inflicted on you right there.  Maisy is scottish and it’s one of the top 100 baby names in England/Wales.  Which is another reason I picked it.  It goes with Owen.

That and they both, oddly enough, have children’s books named after them with mice as the main characters.

owen Maisy_s_Valentine_Sticker_Book


3 thoughts on “what’s in a name?

  1. I love her already. You will be a better mom than me. Thanks for giving Maisy my name. It means so much to me. Love, Mumsie

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