meme monday. navy.

First off, let me say that I’m sorry that once again it’s been a week.  Meme monday is good for me.  It requires no creativity and ensures that I blog once a week.  Secondly, I think I have an iron deficiency because I’m so incredibly tired all the time.  Vitamin time!

Nick follows a group on FB called Jopa.  I believe it stands for Junior Officer Protection Agency.  For Navy JO’s.  The memes I bring you today come from this page.


This is most likely sacrilegious and wrong, but it made us laugh!


I like this meme because it combines cats, harry potter, and relates back to grumpy SWO Nick.  (SWO = Surface Warfare Officer = Grumpiest men in Navy)




Meme monday out!


One thought on “meme monday. navy.

  1. That second one might just be the best Grumpy Cat ever. Also, did you know Grumpy Cat has his own youtube channel? I didn’t. But now I do. Because I got lost in the cute kittens section of youtube for about two hours yesterday.

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