meme monday. ster wers edition.

My dear, sweet friend LP used to be a huge giant nerd.  A Star Wars nerd.  After Nick and I found out about the Ermagerd memes, we found ourselves plotting to turn LP into a meme.  We knew she had posted a picture of herself in middle school on her facebook.  We knew how to spell ermagerd.  The conditions were ripe for meme-ing.

Then while Nick thought he was just using a meme maker, he was actually posting the meme he made (say that three times fast) onto the actual internets!  So, we called and apologized and laughed, and then we laughed some more.  Now I post it for you here.  Our original meme.


Now, It would be unfair to call LP a huge giant nerd in middle school and not acknowledge that I, myself, was also a giant nerd bag.  So, in an act of solidarity, here is a ridiculously embarrassing photo of me, sent to me by Aunty M, in a home sewn clown costume by Granny, getting ready to perform in the critically acclaimed musical “Clowns.”  And to think I was only in the chorus!  Oh, those bangs.  (And Star of David stars on my cheeks…)



2 thoughts on “meme monday. ster wers edition.

  1. I think yours might almost be worse than mine. No, seriously. Clowns?! Awful. Also, I have listened to your “apology” voicemail multiple times, and it gets better every time.

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