meme monday.

I know, I went an entire week without posting.  You were dying weren’t you?  You were at loose ends, wringing your hands and waiting nervously by the computer.  Wait, you weren’t?

I’m going to cop out and do meme monday again.  It’s easier than using my brain to string words together.

This week I went with a Game of Thrones theme.  Meme theme.  Heh heh.

I think I laugh at Ermagerd girl because I see myself in her.  Except I would have been holding Animorphs, not Goosebumps.  (How dare you not recognize animorphs spellcheck!!)


Then I found “Arrested Westeros” which marries Arrested Development and Game of Thrones.


This is up because the Patriots won and face the Raven’s next week to get to the Super Bowl.


Tom, you still look hot in Ugg boots.  You could wear a dress and still be hotter than Flacco.  (Sorry mom)



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