big news.


That first baby?  That’s Owen.  That second baby?  That’s our new baby, the one I’m currently incubating in my womb.  New baby is 15 weeks.  Baby Two will be born at the end of June, God willing.  You may notice that Owen’s ultrasound picture is much crisper.  That’s what happens when they use the Queen Victoria wand as opposed to the more straightforward belly time ultrasound.  You privileged few who read my blog without a Facebook link are the only ones who know this information.  And so I assume no one is privilege to this information.  I ask you only one thing.  Keep it off Facebook.  I plan to announce it there when I’m 20 weeks and we’ve found out the sex.

So there you have it.  Joyful news, a bit of information about ultrasounds you likely did not want to know, and a secret kept.


5 thoughts on “big news.

  1. Also, I dislike the fact that one can no longer just make a smiley with a colon and parentheses (parenthe singluar?). The jazzed up one just looks so…cheesy.

  2. That’s awesome news Kaley! Congratulations! Can’t wait to hear what you’re having. Hope you are feeling ok and that your pregnancy goes smoothly 🙂

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