harry potter.

It’s been too long since I busted out some Harry Potter meme’s.  Side note.  Meme is pronounced “Meem” not “ME ME” (like nick thought) or “M eh m” (like I thought).  Hey, don’t submit that to Webster’s or anything.  I lost alotta brain mass in the child birthing/raising process.  I’m privy to this pronunciation because Nick and a fellow officer at work Wikipedia’ed it.  Done and Done.

With the world’s longest aside over, I’d like to present to you, and by you I mean LP and Aunty M, these humorous Harry Potter Meme’s.  If you also like them, by all means leave a comment!  I’d like to blow up your spot in future nerd blogs.

technically incorrect, but still funny.
It’s funny. Because it’s true.
I miss you so hard old Dumbledore!

When forcing Nick to look at these memes, I expected him to laugh at the Buckbeak one.  He did not.  What he did do was give me a blank look and say “I don’t get it.”  Which is why Nick has to rewatch all of the Harry Potter Movies with me immediately as this is a family emergency.  I mean, two days ago, he didn’t even get my reference to Stan Shunpike.  I said “Nick, I understand when you don’t know who Dirk Cresswell is, but Stan Shunpike?  Not cool.”

Kaley Out!


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