I have this friend, Robin.  I know, you’re all like, “Hold the phone!  You made a friend?!”  Yes, yes I did.  Let me tell you about Robin.  She’s the reason I am able to do anything with a sewing machine.  She’ll come over and say “So, have you heard of thread tension?” or “Where’s your machine manual” or “Why are you pinning like left handed jack-a-lope?”  I usually reply “No”, “I don’t know”, and “I couldn’t tell you.”  Well, you caught me, she didn’t say that last one.  Anyway, emotions make her feel uncomfortable too, that and our love of reformed theology brought us together.

Well, in July, when Nick was in Alaska, I had a miscarriage.  I was six weeks along.  I can’t tell you what it’s like to miscarry a child while your husband is at sea, but it’s pretty damaging.  It was early, sure, but I learned that that does not make one grieve any less.  I’m only blogging about this because I wanted my readers (you’re there right?!) to know why I hadn’t blogged in a few months.  I wasn’t feeling light hearted.  So I didn’t blog.

Anyway, back to Robin.  Robin came with me to ER and then ate french fries with me afterwards, and then called me everyday and came over after she put her four kids to bed several times a week.  And I mean she came over several times a week, not that she only makes her children sleep every few days.  We decided to have a “This summer sucked” girls extravaganza day.  It took awhile to plan, but did it we did.

We went crazy at the fabric store, tore up TJ Maxx and Home Goods, and we even ate major bad food.  That and I forced Robin to listen to way more Fergie than she wanted to on our voyage to Pensacola.

Please, journey with me to Florida, in pictures.

Pensacola. So Purdy.
We live in Mississippi. Don’t judge. It was exciting.
No really. Don’t judge. I don’t get out much.
“We don’t have to take care of our children for a FULL DAY!”



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