christmas morn.

Merry Christmas y’all!


The Military being what it is, Nick and I spent Christmas at home in Mississippi this year.  It was a balmy 75 degrees with thunderstorms and tornadoes.  That’s right, tornadoes.  Tornadoes aside, and the fact that Nick went to work for three hours aside, Christmas was pretty enjoyable.


I was excited for this Christmas because my mom had sent Owen a kitchen and I really thought he was going to flip his lid.  It turns out I was wrong about that.  The most we got Owen to do in the way of unwrapping was pulling a piece of tissue paper out of a bag.


However, once the gifts were open he did like playing with some of them, especially those that involved Mickey Mouse.  He carried around his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD all day.


Nick got a Patriots jersey from my mom and I, so naturally Owen needed a Brady jersey too.  The boys look so tired because it’s 6:30 am.  Owen is still an early riser.

Owen being the toddler he is, spent today playing with some cardboard boxes and a toilet paper roll.  I guess all those toddler cliches are true.



Nick built me an amazing sewing desk for Christmas.  I can’t wait to get sewing on it.  And maybe that healing mat from my mom will mean I can finally cut a straight line.  I think it’s going to revolutionize my sewing.



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