happy christmas elf.

I’ve been sewing, sewing, sewing away in preparation for Christmas this year!  You already saw the “fruits” of my labor with regards to my felt food endeavor.  Now I invite you to bear with me as I force you to look at the Christmas gifts I sewed for my precious little nieces and nephews.


The first project was for my niece Lyla.  She’s 2 and she’s very fashionable.  I sewed the skirt and bought the accessories.


Now for my brother’s kids.  I made a purse for Gisela.  I had picked up a Hello Kitty fabric remnant with her in mind a while back.  This purse turned out so cute, besides the fact that the G looks a little too much like a Green Bay Packers symbol… I’ve got to work on my appliques.  Not quite there yet.


Now for X.  He’s into comic books.  I made him a crayon holder that can travel with him.  I even bought the Super Hero pack of crayons.  With super hero coloring book.  I know Batman is DC not Marvel, but Target has what Target has.  Don’t worry, Nick made me get him a little lego batman because he told me if he was 4 and he got a coloring book he would have been pretty mad.

all rolled up!

For the baby I made felt food, you can see my previous post for that.


Lastly for my precious mother I made her some new wintry pillow covers.


While it doesn’t look like that much, it did take me forever.  Ah, to be an accomplished seamstress.


One thought on “happy christmas elf.

  1. I LOVE my wintry pillow covers. They are perfect! They match the two chairs that don’t match anything else in the room and that makes me happy! Thank you perfect daughter for making them for me – it means more to me than you’ll ever know.
    Love, Mummsie

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