Felt Foodie.


Owen is getting a a kitchen for Christmas, so I wanted to make him something that would go hand in hand.  Felt food seemed like a good idea.  Click this link to see the tutorials I used.  If I were you I would use them only to get the idea of what to do.  If you really feel the need to buy a felt food template for eggs, then you and I are not kindred spirits.  True story.


Okay, how cute is that sandwich?  It was really the biggest pain in the butt, besides the potato chips.  My sewing machine was super into eating the craft felt.  Do I have to tell you I don’t have a very expensive sewing machine?


Next we have the potato chips.  This seemed like a really good idea until I realized that each of these foods took 10-15 minutes to complete, from piece of felt to completed food item.  So then sewing individual ripples on the potato chips seemed not unlike a death sentence.  He was supposed to have double.  Keep in mind I made a set of felt food for his cousin as well… so I got carpel tunnel.


Okay, the orange slices.  Hobby Lobby didn’t have two shades of orange felt.  So they are blood oranges.  That’s more hipster though, right?


Dessert round.  Some people sewed individual beads on their doughnuts, to represent sprinkles, or jimmies if you’re of the race that knows Joseph.  Yeah, I didn’t, ain’t nobody got time for that.  Oh,and who knew that a sewing machine will sew through a popsicle stick?  That’s why reading the tutorials is helpful.


Here’s the gang again, with their own grocery bag.  These were a huge pain to make, but if I hadn’t had to make so many at once it would have been really fun.  I’ll be adding more to his collection once my fingers heal from this sewing extravaganza.


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