It’s Been Awhile.

And I’m sorry.  I suspect you may have missed me.  You may not have, but all that is past us now.  I’m back.  How better to welcome you back than with a Christmas Cat post.

Nick made me choose between a Santa hat and beard for cats or a glittery Christmas decoration that said “Santa”.  I couldn’t believe my luck that he was even entertaining one of these, so I immediately jumped on the cat beard.  I knew it would bring me (and you) countless hours of joy and laughter.

cat shaming.
cat shaming.

DSC_4776 DSC_4780

That last one is going to be my Christmas card.  Surprisingly, Twinky does not mind wearing costumes.  She’s outgrown her, dare I say it?, butthole phase, and entered a phase where I adoringly fawn over her all day.  She rewards me by standing patiently by as I put her in a Santa Beard.  You’re welcome.  You’re all very, very welcome.


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